Mario Alessian took up the challenge put to him by Microcool Italia, a company that until now had been distinguished in the design and manufacture of products for thermal management of computer
components, but now intends to enter in the estate market: in addition to making the computer case even more functional, find, at the same time, a line more aesthetically appealing, it can also attract an audience of enthusiasts. Thus was born the case Banchetto K

The concept consists  in quick interchangeability and easy access to get to create an “open” work plan, which all the hardware elements are immediately ready for placement and visibility. The case therefore is no longer a kind of canister, cool and edgy, but it becomes a real platform on which to act with the utmost ease, to test and experiment with hundreds of possible combinations between the various hardware elements in your PC .

The stylistic turning point is given by the choice of softer, rounded lines, giving it a simple and elegant design, as well as a feeling of lightness and pleasantness to the touch, particularly because of the choice to use a material never adopted for this type of product: the rigid polyurethane foam Ilpotech. Its physical characteristics, enabled it to overcome the use of sheet metal bent, which included a processing without moulding.

Ilpotech allows instead to create the product in a single injection molding. It is also lightweight, impactresistan and chemical agents. The finishes are designed and maintained to the smallest detail: just this type of production has meant that there were not the joints.

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