A bench inspired by the theme of travel.


The object is born within a fresh and original format: IFU (Instruction for use), which has called 5 designers to join the challange in the small Tuscan village of Cortona in order to design 5 different beches, all inspired by the same theme, the travel. The main idea was to create objects that can be done by everyone, explained with instructions and video tutorials.

Mario Alessiani’s proposal for this challange is “Oltremondo”, that rappresents an interpratation of overcoming of boundaries, a breakdown of our limits.  Just breaking barriers it is possible to create new meetings and relationships; so the bench legs disengage from sitting ambits, rising up untill they join togheter.

Because of its purpose of being reproduced, the young designer conceives a bench that can be achieved few steps, just using wood and a few screws.

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