After many years I have finally decided to create a new website.

The first version came out around 2013 followed by a restyling in 2015 through a simple wordpress theme.

I was pretty satisfied, so the website remained unchanged for a long time. Later I started to analize the statistics concerning the behavior of the users on my web pages and I realized that the mobile traffic was almost null. At first I thought that my audience probably browsers designers' sites by desktop computers and not by phone.

I never surf on marioalessiani.com, except to update it. So when a year ago I was with an interior designer who was consulting it right on his smatphone I realized that the user experience sucked.
In that moment I decided it was time to put it away, but I wanted a new design with no usage of themes, following my rules.

First I stopped being behind the scenes. The studio bears my name and from now on I would like to make it clear to those who surf that they are browsing on the website of a designer and not of a design agency, bigger and more plural than my reality.
The design for navigation is obviously cut to the bone (who knows me knows why), with a classic projects section (in which I deleted what no longer represents me), a sincere manifesto (which I will further integrate later in the future), a blog where I tell a little about what I do (like today), a press section (on the advice of a friend of mine) and a contact form.

If you are reading via desktop I suggest you to try mobile. Let me know what you think by sending me an email, we accept advice and compliments.
Next week I will upload one of my last summer projects, a research on the relationship between craftsmanship and tech.



It has been a while since "Tra il Sole e la Luna" in Montone took place, I had few days of vacation and now I am back to my desk writing to you.
This is an email to say thank you for coming by, curious about that design exhibit in that unusual place.

I was very impressed in seeing your wonder, but I am super grateful for all your compliments for a job that I do everyday with a lot of dedition.
Explaining design is not that easy, talking with people around me I figured out that it seems to be a creative expedient to make "nice things". 
But there is more.
There are processes, studies, failtures and a lot of people that make these ideas come to life.

Very special thanks to Natascia InnamoratiMarco Di Marcantonio and all Proloco Montone staff that wanted to showcase such a strange job.

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Spoiler: Renma and I are working on my new website to be launched in September  ;-)



SOUL_TECH collection will be exhibited during the 49th Mostra dell'Artigianato Artistico Abruzzese, hosted by Design Loci.

The exhibition will be from 1st to 25th August 2019 in Guardiagrele (Chieti, Italy) at Ente Mostra Abruzzese in Via Roma 28.