It has been a while since "Tra il Sole e la Luna" in Montone took place, I had few days of vacation and now I am back to my desk writing to you.
This is an email to say thank you for coming by, curious about that design exhibit in that unusual place.

I was very impressed in seeing your wonder, but I am super grateful for all your compliments for a job that I do everyday with a lot of dedition.
Explaining design is not that easy, talking with people around me I figured out that it seems to be a creative expedient to make "nice things". 
But there is more.
There are processes, studies, failtures and a lot of people that make these ideas come to life.

Very special thanks to Natascia InnamoratiMarco Di Marcantonio and all Proloco Montone staff that wanted to showcase such a strange job.

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Spoiler: Renma and I are working on my new website to be launched in September  ;-)